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Don’t lug home another heavy bag of salt…

                                                …call Culligan and consider it done!

Need to shorten your “to-do” list? Culligan’s Culligan’s new Salt n’ Service delivery program makes it easy to have great tasting, high quality water every day of the year. 

First, your Laredo Culligan Man will deliver salt right into your home and into your water softener on a schedule designed to meet your family’s needs.  You won’t have to remember to buy salt, and you won’t have to lug heavy bags home from the can save you a lot of heavy lifting and help you avoid running out of salt. 

Next,  your Culligan Man will perform a FREE 10-point inspection of your water softener.  With each delivery, our trained water specialists look at the various components of your softener to make sure that the timers and levels are set properly.

Enjoying soft, clean water

                                                                   just got a whole lot easier!

Part #1-- Convenient, scheduled salt delivery

            First, we work with you to determine the size of your household and individual water needs.  Based on that, we can estimate your salt consumption and develop a delivery schedule to provide a steady supply of salt so you experience soft water every day of the year.

            Our drivers have regular routes through your community and we’ll advise you of your schedule in advance. The frequency of our visits will depend on your particular needs.  It can vary from once a month to once every three or four months.

Part #2 -- A 10-point inspection of your water softener

With your friendly Culligan man stopping by on a regular basis you can be sure that someone is keeping an eye on your water softener to make sure that everything is working in top condition.  We’re your full-service water specialist.  With every salt delivery, our trained delivery person will also perform a FREE 10-point water softener inspection!

  Every delivery includes a 10-point inspection to keep your water softener in tip-top shape. Your Culligan man will: 

Check time setting                           √  Check for leaks

Check bypass                                  √  Check for salt bridging

Check salt level                                √  Fill salt tank

  Check water level in salt tank              Stack remaining bags neatly

  Check float                                      √ Discard empty bags

On each delivery, our trained water specialists will check the time setting and bypass on your softener. They will look at the level of the water, the float and the salt. They’ll check for leaks and salt bridging, a condition which can clog your salt tank. They’ll fill your tank, stack remaining bags, and discard the empty bags.

By monitoring the function of your softener, we can help detect if it’s running smoothly and efficiently...and should something go wrong...your delivery man will notify you and our service department so that you needn't go without Culligan soft water.

 There is no separate charge for the delivery or the inspection, we bill you only for the salt.


Culligan’s Salt n’ Service delivery program, the easy way to experience soft water every day of the year. You can count on Salt n’ Service for:


No more lugging and lifting heavy bags.


Scheduled deliveries so you don’t run out.


No one knows your equipment like your Culligan man.


Our 10-point inspection helps keep your system running smoothly.


Count on Culligan…a trusted leader for over 65 years

No one knows Laredo water like Culligan.  With Culligan, you get water expertise from a local specialist.  We offer factory-trained installation and service, plus a full range of services -- salt delivery, filter changes and more -- that improve the quality of your home’s water.


One of Culligan’s most unique features:

We will automatically deliver and place salt into the salt storage tank before you run out. "Worry-free" salt is the result!

Ensures you have the proper grade of salt. Non-Culligan brands of salt may contain impurities and dirt which can lead to potentially costly service calls.

We deliver to and service all makes and models.

No heavy bags for you to carry to your car, into your house, down the stairs and wrestle into the salt tank.

We test your water and perform a 10-point inspection on the system settings, plumbing and electrical connections with each delivery.


Your Culligan man brings the salt right to your brine tank & refills it for you, saving you the trouble of dealing with hefty bags of salt!

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If you don’t have a water softener, contact Culligan for a free water analysis.  We’ll recommend a total solution to improve the water quality throughout your home.  Culligan-conditioned water leaves laundry cleaner and brighter...softens hair and skin…and reduces scale build-up on pipes and appliances.


 Don’t cart home another load of salt!  Contact Culligan today!

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